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Photography is an investment in your memories; an investment in the little moments that can be carried from generation to generation.  

Please contact me to discuss session details. 



Rescue/Shelter Photography is customized to meet your specific rescue/shelter needs


COPYRIGHT:  Susan Clemens Photography owns the copyright to all images.  All created photographs are protected by the United States copyright laws.  It is illegal to print, copy, scan, edit or reproduce photographs or digital images created without the written consent of the photographer.  We reserve the right to use photographs from your session for advertising, display, website promotion, photographic contests, publications, or any other purposes chosen by Susan Clemens Photography.  We retain copyright ownership of all works created in the course of this contract, including but not limited to all images in their original and processed formats.  It is understood that any duplication or altercation of original images is strictly prohibited without our written permission.  Alterations include, but are not limited to, application of filters or modifications of any kind.  Cropping is acceptable for social media purposes, such as Facebook profile photos and square Instagram posts.  If any of these actions are performed, we reserve the right to contact you and request the photos be removed as they would no longer be accurate representations of our work.

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