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Giving Back


I am honored to be an Artist Member of HeARTs Speak, an international community of photographers, artists, and animal advociates, working together to increase the visibility of shelter animals across the globe to ensure that no shelter animal goes unseen.  Becoming a member of HeARTs Speak has opened my world to other artists just like me, with the same goals of helping homeless animals connect with their new families.  

I want to rescue them all!!!  But since I can't, I've found a way to use my skills to help homeless animals find their new homes.  A great photograph can open the door to a new life for a homeless animal.  My hope is that potential adopters will make connections to the animals through my photographs and want to meet them in person.

I am proud to be able to work closely with such devoted and giving individuals who tirelessly volunteer their time to help save an animal from a life of homelessness, abuse, and neglect.  To see the affectionate animals that I have met finally be loved by their own special person/family is rewarding, and I can't think of a better way to give back.

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